Monday, June 15, 2009

V-Picks New Ruby Red

V-Picks has a new pick out,it is the Ruby Red series.They are acrylic and come in 8 different shapes.The ones shown here would be my favorite,rounded corners.A lot of times,i will use the more blunt side of a pick instead of the pointed side.So these look like a winner to me,along with their grip and thickness.And the color may be easier to see on stage!
V-Pick says..."These colored picks are a result of listening to our players and trying our best to always give them what they want and need. It is a limited run and only 500 of each model were made."
We have 8 different models in this cool look:
- Small Pointed
- Medium Rounded
- Medium Pointed
- Large Rounded
- Large Pointed
- Freakishly Large Rounded
- Screamer
- Acoustic
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