Friday, October 30, 2009

Brad Paisleys Rig at Premier Guitar is a changin :-).I have always respected the guitarist coming out of Nashville,there are some great,great players.And now,the new country,is producing guitarist that really are a mixed bag of country/rock/blues.And one of these guitarist is Brad Paisley...
This video,well...."Cliffs",is obviously implying a comparison to Eric Johnson :-).His playing even implies Eric's style.The bottom line though is...both are great players.
So lets get to the main subject....his rig.
From Premier Guitar site...
The original guitar rig was built by Brad and his first tech, Zac Childs. It's gone through many configurations over the years, but the basis has stayed the same. Brad and I have taken it apart twice and I've done it at least three times on my own, but the latest version was assembled by David Friedman of Racksystems in Los Angeles. I had been having a lot of noise issues and David was able to correct them all and give us back a guitar rig anyone could be proud of.
The 'brain' of the rig is Digital Music's GCX and Ground Control system. I have two GCXs, giving me a total of 16 loops....
Brad's web site...

A Blast To The Past...Gino Vanelli

Gino Vanelli and his band are still fresh sounding :-).

Quick Music Fact...A Solid Foundation For Guitarist

Here's another Quick Music Fact...
If you want to build a solid foundation on guitar,studying and learning the Blues is the best place to start.

I Do Believe...Line6 M13

I do believe that is the Line6 M13 in the picture(a recent post i did).I am assuming it is Oz's,i don't think Eric would be using it...too new :-).

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kevin Eubanks Groovin In The Studio

It's not how much you can play,but rather... knowing what to play and when to play it!Kevin does a fine job on this piece.And check out the "dobro" he's playing....

Season Change...Calls For Guitar Set Up

Fender Wallpaper @
Ha Everyone...
Boy have i been in a bad position.My right ear has been plugged up with wax,i guess,or,that with an infection!It has really put a damper on my playing/recording/rehearsals,and my mood!
But anyway,like the post title implies,whenever the seasons change,this usually affects your guitar and the way it plays and performs,this is because the neck is wood!Wood expands and contracts with seasonal changes.This in turn affects your guitar action and intonation.
To correct this you must do a basic re-set up.This includes(in order listed)...
1. New strings (same gauge i assume)
2.Tune Up :-) (digital tuner)
3.Truss Rod adjustment
4.Action adjustment(string height)
5.Intonation adjustment
...and...if a dark wood(not maple)fretboard,some lemon oil applied to it
Links to theses steps(how to)...
Setting Up Your Guitar...
Setting Intonation...
And For Strat Players...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Line6 M13 Pedal Board...An End To All ?

I just was reading up on Line6's M13 pedal board.I have not heard it,but from the looks,features,specs and what it does,it sounds like a winner!Anyone who has heard this,let me know.I do prefer rack mounted equipment,but for what this is and what it offers,along with the price/$437.00 and up,it sounds like a winner.My how technology has changed!!!
Their slogan fits quite well... " Stompbox simple and pedal board powerful "
...Product Features

* Over 75 stompbox effects, 4 simultaneous in any order and any combination
* Dedicated knobs to control each of the parameters of each effect
* Create up to 12 pedal board scenes for instant recall. (It's like having 12 fully tricked-out pedal boards available at any time)
* Universal tap tempo to sync all your time-based effects
* 28-second looper with dedicated footswitch controls for Undo, Record/Overdub, Play/Stop, Half Speed and more

...The Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler is a multi effects pedal that gives you the essential all-in-one guitar pedal experience. Features include a comprehensive collection of the most sought-after stompbox sounds, a full-featured looper and super-heavy-duty all-metal construction. Without complicated menus or presets, the Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler channels the soul and ease of a stompbox while providing you with dozens of guitar effects. Boasting over 75 immortal stompbox effects including distortions, reverbs, delays (including sounds from Line 6's best-selling DL4 delay pedal), and so much more, reach into the M13 Stompbox Modeler for access to many of history's most celebrated guitar sounds. Use up to 4 different sounds-or 4 of the same-simultaneously. Each effects pedal model features dedicated knobs for instant tweaking. The 28-second looper is always at the ready with dedicated footswitches for Play/Stop, Half-Speed, Reverse, Undo and more. All M13 Stompbox Modeler's metal footswitches can withstand constant stomping and rock and roll-style abuse. Use any sound, in any arrangement, with any of the Line 6 M13 pedal's 12 footswitches. Create different pedal board setups, or "scenes," for instant recall of an entire gig's or song's stompbox sounds. Save a scene for your metal band, one for your Top 40 sessions you get the picture. No more tearing up hook and loop fabric just to change one or two pedals. Save up to 12 scenes and back them up to your computer using the MIDI in/out. Super-easy, super-solid and featuring a built-in chromatic tuner, toss M13 Stompbox Modeler on stage and hit the ground running....

So let me know just how the effects "sound"....the features are great!

25 Stomp Boxes Reviewed

Premier Guitar site has a review of some cool stomp boxes.In fact,a total of 25 to be exact!There are overdrive,delays,distortions and more.And also some DIY kits for the really inspired guitarist :-).My 2 cents is,i count on Boss pedals for sound,quality and reliability,along with a few other brands.
In the article,there are pedals i am familiar with along with ones i was not.So there is always little nuggets to be found.
The article is a good one...

Learning and Playing The Modes On Guitar...and More

This lesson is an introductory to learning the modes and learning how to play them on the guitar neck.I am starting with 3 of the 7 modes.They will be the A Ionian,then the A Dorian and then onto the A Phrygian.This learning and exercise can be done all at once.Otherwords,daily,playing first the A Ionian,then onto the A Dorian and then onto the A Phrygian.
We will eventually go through all 7 modes by simply applying a different Major scale to each mode,BUT,starting on the A note each time!
The Ionian is simply the Major scale.That is easy right.So we will play the A Ionian,beginning on the 6th string/5th fret/2nd finger.... Ionian 1-2-3-4-5-6-7
OK...the Ionian is played over a Major chord progression...//A Major /D Major /A /D //

Now we will learn the A Dorian mode/a G Major scale with an A root note!We will again start on the 6th string,5th fret,with the 2nd finger.... Dorian 1-2-b3-4-5-6-b7
Try playing two chords... Am7 to an Am6 or D7 add9... //Am7 /Am6 /Am7/ Am6 //

And now onto the Phrygian Mode/an F Major scale with an A root note... Phrygian.This time the starting root note A(6th string 4th fret),should be played with the 1st finger.
The Phrygian mode is very exotic,as well as Spanish sounding.It is heard often in Spanish music.Play an A Major chord to A# Major and back to A Major...//A /A# /A /A# /A //
Now play the A Phrygian mode :-).Now you are seeing how the chord will dictate what choices you have to play,as far as scales and modes :-).

The Modes and their formulas...
Ionian 1-2-3-4-5-6-7
Dorian 1-2-b3-4-5-6-b7
Phrygian 1-b2-b3-4-5-b6-b7
Lydian 1-2-3-#4-5-6-7
Mixolydian 1-2-3-4-5-6-b7
Aeolian 1-2-b3-4-5-b6-b7
Locrian 1-b2-b3-4-b5-b6-b7

Next lesson will be the Lydian and and Mixolydian.And you will begin to see where all this is going!But for now,get the above 3 modes under your fingers :-),and remember the chord/chords that are used with each!

Learning and Playing The Modes On Guitar...Lesson 2

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quick Music Fact....A Style

A Quick Music Fact....
What is a style?When someone says a player has his own style,what do they mean?
Well,it is a way of playing things/music with a sound(s) of their own.The two make up what is called a style.And getting even more technical,you can use different sounds to enhance your style.A great example of this is Oz Noy,a guitarist from Israel,but now invading New York :-).I have posted several times on this guitarist,he is a unique and refreshing guitarist to listen to...
...earlier post on Style...
Oz Noy Trio on MySpace Music
... ............Style + Sound = Fuzzy by Oz Noy
All About Jazz site...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Charvel Guitars...U.S.A.

The audio on the the video :-) sure does sound like Greg Howe...hum...nice soloing

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I just gotta talk about Pamelina and her art work on Fender Custom Shop Strats.They are a beauty to behold...Her collection just keeps on growing.Visit it at Fenders site...The Gallery/Pamelina
I have done other post on Pamelina and her artwork...
Guitar Answers: Pamelina H...
It appears this has been a bangin week for Fender here at Guitar Answers...

Win A Robin Trower Strat From Fender

2001 U.S. Tour
Hum,i just found out about this.This i think ends on October 18th.Robin Trower takes me back to the ol' Bridge Of Sighs tune!There is also a YouTube link doing an interview with him and his equipment,a cool video.Plus,he talks about his Strat :-).This is a good and personal video from Harmony Central,so check it out.
YouTube - Robin Trower talks Guitars, Amps and Effects 2009...
Robin Trower -

Friday, October 9, 2009

Best Mic For Guitar

My favorite mic on a guitar speaker is a Shure SM57.And i will go out on a limb and say it is the #1 most used mic by guitarist,hands down!It has been,for a long time,the mic of choice for miking a guitar rig.And we all know that miking versus running a direct line is the way to go for the guitarist.The Shure SM57 is not expensive either.Here are some features...
# Contoured frequency response for clean, instrumental reproduction and rich vocal pickup # Professional-quality reproduction for drum, percussion, and instrument amplifier miking # Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source while reducing background noise # Pneumatic shock-mount system cuts down handling noise # Extremely durable under the heaviest use # Frequency response: 40 to 15,000 Hz # Replacement cartridge:

Some Killer Guitar and Amp Wallpapers

There are some killer wallpapers at the Fender site,check them out.All you have to do is register,which is free...

The Super Locrian Scale On Guitar

The Super Locrian scale is exotic sounding and used a lot in jazz and fusion.It's formula is...
... 1-b2-b3-3-b5-b6-b7-1.It has some whole tone intervals in it.It works over a m7b5 chord and a dom..7b5 or dom.7#5.So we are talking primarily about turnaround chords,the 2 or 5,that the Super Locrian is played over.The 2 minor being a flat 5,and the 5 chord being a dom.7b5 or a dom7 with a #5.So add Super Locrian to your jazz arsenal :-).It is a must for turnarounds!

G Super Locrian(green dots are root notes)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quick Music Fact....Changing Strings on A Floyd Rose

Here is an important Quick Music Fact for new or inexperienced guitarist.
When your guitar has a lock down type bridge system/Floyd Rose,never,never remove all the strings at once, to change to a new set!This will totally screw up the bridge placement!!!
Only,i repeat...only change out....ONE string at a time.Example...
1.unlock the screw that is locking down the 1st and 2nd strings,then,detune the 1st string,then remove it,after unlocking from the bridge!
2.Now put the new 1st string on....tune it up to pitch
3.Do the same,individually,for the rest of the strings.(and you can go ahead and lock each of the three screws down as you do the pair of strings.Ex...strings 1 and 2..lock,strings 3 and 4...lock them,then strings 5 and 6...lock them)
This procedure will save you a BUNCH of headaches.And ,of course,if you have the "standard" type bridge,none of this applies.Standard meaning,the strings are not locked at the bridge and nut!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quick Music Fact...Creativity

A Quick Music Fact...taking a break and getting away from writing can actually kick start your creative juices and get your imagination going again.