Friday, June 5, 2009

Adding Style To Your Playing

Let's talk about creating a uniqueness to your playing.Creating or adding style to your playing.This can be done through your rhythm playing and melody playing.In rhythm playing choosing to play to the proper groove is essential.This can be done through strumming,arpeggios/muting and single note rhythms and chucking.Which type you choose and how you apply them creates a style and feel.And don't forget,not every strum or note starts on the one beat.You may want to start on the back beats 2 and 4.Or you may want to accent on the 3rd beat,for a funky feel or style.The feel and style you are trying to accomplish is the determining factor.Now with soloing,the scale or phrase you choose and how you play it creates a style.Even a single note can be played a lot of different ways,by the way it is attacked.You can just simply pick the note or bend into it,hammer it,slide into it,wammy up into it!There are so many ways to play just a single note,and thus doing so creates your own style.Once you try these different techniques and ways of playing you will be on your way to creating your own style.A style of playing that is you and only you.And it will create color to your playing and not just strumming away on say eighth notes or just ripping away on a scale!


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