Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SWEET.....The Gibson GA20RVT Amp

15W Class A
12AX7, 6V6
Hand Built
Point to Point
2 channels plus mix input
Tube Reverb
Tube Tremolo
Pentode/Triode Switch
12 inch Eminence Legend Speaker, Asymmetrically Placed
Metal Film Resistors
DC Powered Filaments
Hand Wired Turret Board
Two-Tone Vintage Brown and Tan Tolex
Where's the "Vintage 30"!The reviews are good,but,i wondered the same thing...the "speaker"chosen to use??????

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Versatility...the bottom line

If you are versatile,you will work....
If you are serious about playing music for a living,then being versatile,that is,being familiar with and being able to play a variety of styles is a must.Do no get "stuck"into just one style of music,it only dercreases your odds of getting a call for a fill in gig or a show coming to town that is needing a guitarist for that occasion.You will also benefit as a teacher being a versatile player,not all students want to learn and play the same thing!This may include different styles of music,along with different techniques of playing.And besides,playing one style of music can become very very boring.A good place to start,for a beginner is the Blues,it lays a solid foundation for rythm,chords and melody.
And the only way to be versatile is through listening and woodshedding.And,do not get left behind by ignoring the trends,keep up with todays happenings,along with the past.....
Peace and Prosperity,Greg/G

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Great Reading over at Modern

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...1986 Jimmy Page Interview
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

For The Curious

Monday, February 11, 2008

Power In A Box...the Pandora PX4 by Korg

I was recently given this little effects "box",from a friend.My first impression was...hum...just another little effects box with fuzzy,thin sounds.Whoe...was i surprised!The box is the Korg Pandora PX 4.Although it is not the latest of the series,it has some great sounds in it,along with rythems with bass also,and a loop effect.The size of this unit is very small,say 6 by 8 inches,approximately.It has some great tones/ cab sims,along with your typical effects,like auto wah,chorus,flange,delays,reverbs and even harmonizers and an octave divider.The cab sims are very good,in fact some reminded me of the "Redbox" i have used fairly often.The cleaner sounds combined with a "tweed"cab has a great tight,thumpy,low end sound.And the edgy were good also,and when combined with the cab sims were very usable.As for the the more heavier distortion patches,they also were good.The effects like chorus were good but lacked that super "thick"type" chorus,but are usable.And as a plus there are some cool "synth" sounds.Overall,for a "small/very small box,the Korg Pandoras PX4 is a very cool unit indeed.And the cost on- line is around $150.00 US dollars or less!So if you are looking for an inexpensive/great sounding desktop guitar effects unit,check the Korg Pandora PX 4 out,i think you will be pretty amazed also.
Link with specs,demo sounds and video...