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Ten Albums That Changed Rock Guitar

From Hendrix to Jeff Beck to Chuck Berry to Led Zeppelin and more.Find out how they all changed rock music...

Sometimes, just when it seems all styles and techniques for guitar-playing have been exhausted, an album comes along that changes perceptions about what a player can achieve with the instrument. Below are 10 albums that broke new ground for rock guitar and spawned legions of disciples.
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

May I Suggest a Pick Up System Update For Your New Toy...SEYMOUR DUNCAN'S

If ,and,you will eventually want to update/customize your new toy/guitars pick-up system.
When you do,may I suggest Seymour Duncan pick-ups.They are an excellent company,and a fav amongst the best of players!From vintage old school to activating your already installed pick-ups,to a full blown,pre-wired and installed system....they got you and,your choice of tone(s) covered.

How to Match Delay Time to Tempo

Here is a formula of how to figure out the correct delay setting,so it will be matched with the tempo of the song....
... When adding an echo effect to audio or MIDI data, there may be times when you want the echo to be synchronized with the tempo of your song. This tip explains how to accomplish this with some simple math.

To figure out the delay time value that you need to use for the current tempo of your song, simply divide 60,000 (the number of milliseconds in one minute) by the current tempo (measured in beats per minute) of your song. This will give you the correct delay time value to use with your echo effect so that the echoes will be synchronized to the quarter notes in your song. For example, with a tempo of 110, you would use a delay time value of 545 milliseconds for quarter note echoes.
Thanks to the web site a great site for Cakewalk Sonar info

Of course there is a PDF file you can download that will have it already calculated!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Special December News Items @ Premier Guitar

Giveaway and Free Lessons

..And Video Interview With Neil Schon with his New PRS model...
***I alwsys liked this guys playing,tasteful and very soulful.For those that did not know...he was the "other" guitarist in Santana band

  .....Special News & Offerings.....

Gear Giveaway & Contest Roundup: 12/13 - 12/19 posted Dec 19

Guitar Center Offers Free Guitar Lessons in December and January posted Dec 19

ISP Technologies Introduces the Theta Preamp Pedal posted Dec 19

Eastman Guitars Announces Acoustics, Archops, and Electrics for NAMM 2013 posted Dec 18

Peerless Releases the Retromatic Guitar posted Dec 17

JHS Pedals Introduces the SuperBolt Overdrive and The Prestige Pedals posted Dec 14

MATTRIXX-N, Inc. Introduces the SanGreal Gold Series Instrument Amplifier posted Dec 14

Cort Guitars Announces SFX Series Acoustic Guitars posted Dec 13

TC Electronic Releases Soul In The Pocket Bass TonePrints posted Dec 13

DiMarzio to Release Ionizer 8 Pickups for 8-String Guitars posted Dec 13

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Adjusting Pick Ups On A Strat or Tele

Another good article at Premier Guitar digital edition.This time it is on pick up height adjustment.This is a must do on a new or had it forever Fender,really any guitar!

three pickups offer lots of sonic variety, but they also introduce a particular problem that single-pickup instruments—such as Fender Esquires and some Les Paul Juniors—don't have. When you switch pickups on a multipickup guitar, you can experience volume differences between one position and another. This can be rather annoying when you're in the studio or playing a gig ....

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Maybe Its The Right Time Now...DIY Using Open Source

A while back I did a post on DIY or BYO effects pedal,through "open source" technology.Maybe,just maybe,the time is closer to the right time now.This whole concept of using open source technology to build an effects pedal is a wild,but realistic idea...
My stat for this site,for the number one search is DIY or BYO,for guitars,so the maybe the time is better for this open source concept!
Eric Moyer,geek per se,along with interest in music.Combine the two,and what do you get?A stomp pedal with open source architecture :-). Open Source:To release the source code of; Of, or relating to a product which is licensed to permit modifications and redistribution of its source code What a concept Eric has,open sourced,making it possible for the musician to code or build the elements required to produce effects!This can be only limited to your knowledge and imagination :-). ....Read on.....

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

10 Things Not To Do With Your New Christmas Music Gift

Here are 10 things not to do to your new music toy on Christmas day!

1.Try adjusting your new guitar yourself...
2.Not read the manual for your new effects pedal...
3.Resettng the patche(s) to a preset on your new effects pedal...
4.Sitting your drink on your new amp
5.Leaving your baby sister or brother alone to play with your new toy...
6.Not taking time to dry off well from your shower or bath and then playing your new guitar through your new amp...
7.Playing barefooted on a concrete floor,while plugged into an amp...
8.Letting others,that are intoxicated hold and play your new guitar...
9.Try David Lee Roth acrobatic moves while playing...
10.Get frustrated and give your new gift to someone else...¶<€¢£^π√×
Butt do have fun....forever...with your gift....

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pamelina Originals

This person takes her art skill to guitar,and to a new level.She is my fav for guitar artwork!Be sure and check her site out....awesome.

More Unusually Cool and Beautiful Guitars

Here are some unusual and also beautiful guitars....
The multi necked guitar made for Pat Metheney

The handcarved guitars collection

The Bo Diddley Square guitar

The Resonator/Lap Steel/Dobro guitar(has a metal top)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Stewart McDonald Dreadnaught Guitar Kit

Quality parts made by Stewart-MacDonald Dreadnought Guitar Kit.....
NEW: shaped slotted bone nut and shaped saddle included. These are the highest quality Dreadnought kits available, with solid bookmatched grade-AAA back, sides and soundboard for great tone. We manufacture these kits right here in our own shop, so every part is of quality wood and machined for accurate fit.

No other instrument kits give you this level of instructional detail: • Full-size plan and bracing template • Building an Acoustic Guitar Kit DVD Sold separately for $39.95, yours FREE with this kit! Learn more about it... • Acoustic Kit Assembly Instructions, 36 pages of photos and diagrams to guide you through every stage of construction.

An earlier guitar answers post on DIY or BYO kits...A must read

Guitar Adjustments and Thoughts On Guitar Scale Length

An informative video on string vibration and height and also scale length and neck releif. Video one discusses the string and it's vibration qualities. Then video two talks about the relationship between the adjustment of the truss rod/neck relief and the proper height of the bridge,and how the two work together.
Also,this luthier feels that the scale length(length of string from bridge to nut) has the biggest affect on the actual sound of the guitar!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Great Video at Premier Guitar

This video was taken in Nashville,over at Gruhn Guitars shop.A big thanks to Premier Guitar for this one!This is the real deal for the "informed" guitar player!
So if you have the good fortune of being in the area of Nashville,Tenn.,give yourself a treat and be sure and stop by Gruhns Guitar shop...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Check This Out...Stewart McDonald

Have you ever discovered a site that seemed to be endless in content and information,about a topic you really liked?Well this site may be of interest to you,since you are here now.It is the Stewart McDonald site.This site sells guitar parts and is a fav site for luthiers(guitar repairers).Their selection of parts and tools is awesome,it's like being in a candy store!If you are like will find yourself stuck on this site and going back time and time again!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Guitar Answers 2012 Stocking Stuffers Edition

Ahh...another year is passing!And,here again are some links leading to guitar gifts for you or yours.I tried to include the ones I found worthy of and included my past one(s),be sure and check it out,it is extensive....
...Hoping all a healthy,safe and happy Christmas....MERRY CHRISTMAS from Guitar Answers


***a gift & "investment"