Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fewer Post

This is just to let you know,i will be presenting fewer post starting in July.I feel as though fewer postings will allow me to present more in depth material ,instead of trying to post something to just meet a daily or every other day,deadline!The July post,and there after,will be on more of a weekly basis.In addition,the term "Guitar Answers",in Google search,is getting lower ratings than usual.But... i am in no way, glued down, to having to be in Googles search rankings top 10,as i was at one time!But it is a little disturbing to see other sites listed higher than mine,that really show very little knowledge of being a guitarist,and of being on top of the movers and shakers in the music industry!So thought i would would let my readers know about these changes that will be taking place in July.And i really do appreciate the musicians/guitarist that have come around and supported this blog.Well...until my next post....
Peace My Friends and May The Pick Be With You,Greg

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quick Music Fact....Practicing

If possible,breakdown your practice or music study into 2 or more sessions daily.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bonnaroo Festival and Politics Go Together...Vote

Headcount is a nonprofit organization founded by Marc Brownstein, the bassist from the jam band the Disco Biscuits, and Andy Bernstein to get people registered to vote. What makes Headcount an interesting barometer of political interest at music festivals is that it does almost all of its work at festivals and concerts.

Headcount will be at all the major festivals this summer as well as along for the ride on tours by the Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters. As much as any group, Headcount is trying to bring political involvement to summer concert going.
...The site...

Seven Great Guitar Sites

Hum...funny picture above...huh!
I have been fumbling around on different guitar sites,trying to find ones for Blues guitar,others for jazz.I feel these seven sites will keep the average player busy for a while!I try and start my students on some good blues guitar playing,then work into the jazz arena.The blues is such a great place to start a guitarist,it lays a solid foundation for going into rock,country,r&b,funk and jazz!The links provided below talk about anything from blues progressions to chord cycles in jazz progressions.Along with that there are studies on anything from a Major scale to learning the modes,and how to harmonize them.And..picking techniques,arpeggios,sweeping and more!.So check them out,and may your journey through music land be a fun one...Peace,Greg

... *Jim Ferguson's Guitar Master Class...
...Guitar Player...
...Bruce Arnold’s Music Workshop...
...*Olav Torvund's Guitar site...
... *Ultimate-Guitar.Com Forum...

Quick Music Fact

When speed picking or picking at a faster pace in rapid fire,keep your picking motion to a minimum,or,very conservative in it's movement,do not use a large motion.And the faster i pick,the more circular i begin to get....rotary picking technique(keeping the wrist straight and fixed/but with the elbow moving).

Friday, June 13, 2008

Greed With No Balls

I came across this great article on eras of music and how the music style would cycle or change every decade or so into another style or type.But recently,since the 90's,this has not happened.I tend to agree with this.My interpretation is it's all about the money,greed,and the record companies not having the balls to showcase new talent or new styles of music.This is in fear of the act or music not gaining the profits other,already successful,artist have,for the record companies!Again,it's all about greed for the money.And it kills fresh new talent and new styles and ideas.I too am sick and tired of hearing the same-ol-shit,pardon my French!And if i hear another DJ taking credit for a song...he did not even write....well,or another rapper who thinks he's a singer!!!!Please don't get me the article.

...The Bad Music Movement…..
Since the dawn of popular music, there was always movement;

Grammy Foundation Honors Sir George Martin

A gala event was held by Gibson Foundations/Grammy Foundation for Sir...yes,Sir George Martin.If you do not know of Sir George Martin,well,he produced the Beatles albums,starting with Revolver.To me,he was the man behind the Beatles that had the vision of what to do with the their music.The production,the arrangements,the orchestral backing tracks,the whole rock meets orchestral thing!Don't get me wrong,the Beatles songs were the foundation,and great songwriters they were,but lets just say,he took the whole thing to the next level!And this event is just one of many he has been honored at.My hat goes off to George Martin....a genius?

...Music Luminaries To Honor Sir George Martin At Starry Night Benefit...
Presented by the Gibson Foundation, the GRAMMY Foundation's annual signature gala Starry Night will honor legendary GRAMMY-winning producer/arranger/composer and author Sir George Martin. This intimate dinner and concert will benefit the GRAMMY Foundation, which provides programs that foster future generations of music professionals and helps preserve our nation's musical heritage.
...Sir George Martin site and his relations with the Beatles...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Quick Music Fact

Music....the universal language.Any 2 musicians,from 2 totally different areas on the planet,could perform with one another,and sound as if they had known each other a lifetime,without one having to say one single word to the other!
Music is the universal language

The Police Final Tour Date...August 7

I thought i would mention The Police final tour date....August 7,will be here and gone before you know it!It will be at Madison Square Garden.The last count,monetarily,for the 2007-2008 tour was $131.9 million!
I have always liked The Police,and the writing was so incredible on the part of Sting.Also the beats played by Stewart Copeland,along with the guitar rhythms and chording played by Andy Summers,combined into a powerhouse of sound.Ever since the bands break up,Stewart especially,and Andy were ready to get the group back to record and tour again.I can imagine the feeling one would get by all the popularity and attention,then it all vanishing away!So,put the date on your calendar and try to make it.I am sure it will be a record breaker,to say the least.....just read on!

The Police, in conjunction with New York public television stations Thirteen/WNET and WLIW21, have announced that after fourteen months of a record-breaking tour, their much anticipated final concert, will take place on Thursday, August 7, 2008, at Madison Square Garden, featuring special guests the B-52's. In a groundbreaking partnership, tickets to the concert will only be available through a pledge to Thirteen/WNET and/or WLIW21. The concert is expected to be the largest single fund raising event in the history of public television.
...some great slides...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Van Halen Breaks Record

...Well now,i read where Van Halen's latest tour was their most successful.Eddie,if you are reading on.My personal opinion on one of the reasons/main reason,for their successful tour is... David Lee Roth!Yes,David Lee Roth fits the whole Van Halen thing,like a glove!As much as Eddie hates it,David Lee Roth was and IS a piece of the Van Halen puzzle.When i think of Van Halen...i think of David Lee Roth with Eddie!The vocal style of Roth,and stage presence, just fits so well with the bands sound/songs and Eddies playing.....

All of the false starts and 'internal issues' that were supposed to derail Van Halen's reunion tour—their first with David Lee Roth since 1985—have ended in the band's greatest tour gross yet: more than $93 million, earned before nearly one million fans at 74 North American arena shows.

"We send our thanks to the countless new and longtime fans that helped make this tour our most successful," Van Halen said in a statement.

It's unknown whether the band is working on new material, but they have promised "exciting developments" in the near future.

Grossing More Than $93 Million
...Van Halens Site...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Great Interview With B.B.King at ...AllAboutJazz

(above) BB King and Gibson "Lucille"

BB King has always been the blues player to play after,not fast,but is unique,with his own style.His playing gives me a "happy" kind of blues feeling.There is a great interview over at
An excerpt from the interview,B.B. talking about the first time he got hooked on guitar(a player in his church was playing)..."It was heaven! Heaven! It was unusual to even have electric light in the area, and there he was plugging up an electric guitar. It was new, different -- something I can't explain. It was like he was hitting notes that no one had hit before. I was about seven years old, and it was so exciting. My mother used to talk about spanking me to make me go to church, but when we went to Reverend Archie's church I'd be leading her by the hand because he always played the guitar".
Thanks AllAboutJazz for the great interview with BB King
...the interview link...
...Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame page...

Monday, June 2, 2008


Hum...just got this article,it's about a new guitar pick,the "V-Pick",for electric and acoustic.It is clear with beveled edges,and a bit pointed,for my taste,with a sure grip surface.I will have to try one and let you know,and you do the same,if you try one....ok.Here is the article about it..and thanks to Harmony Central for the heads up.

...Play Better, Sound Better is the slogan for the world's most innovative guitar pick yet, The V-Pick. If you are looking for a pick that won't slip around in your fingers, one that has the fastest action you have ever experienced and a more full tone with brilliant highs and big and a sweet mid range, then V-Picks are the pick of choice for you. These picks will change your life!
The new V-Pick Medium Pointed has just been released, and a lot of folks are talkiing about this pick! The same wonderfull material that grips and seems to become part of your hand, a very smooth, calculated bevel and a comfortable overall size. This pick delivers more sound from your higher strings than you have experienced before. The volume increase will become immediately evident. It sounds as if you just put new strings on your guitar! The lows have a clarity and voice like you always wanted. What is really unique about this pick is the wonderfull mid range it produces and the great snap and bite it creates with the long point of release caused by the bevel design. Besides all of this, the pick is made of the same clear acrylic as the other V-Picks are. A material that just glides over the strings effortlessly creating very little resistance, and therefore allowing you to play faster and smoother. A great pick for harmonics, sweep picking and even acoustic work.

Bo Diddley Passes

...This guy goes way back(first album release..1958),and his songs were recorded by The Rolling Stones,Kinks,Manfred Man,The Animals and others,and played on Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters albums.His style was funky and unique.Although a singer,he was known for his crazy shaped guitars,as you can see above,and his funky and unique guitar style.I have included his page at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame site.I figure he would appreciate that,i know i would!That,i consider a lifetime achievement award,the ultimate pop musicians award!Here is the link...

Born Otha Ellas Bates (later known as Ellas McDaniel), 28 December 1928, McComb, Mississippi, USA. After beginning his career as a boxer, where he received the sobriquet "Bo Diddley", the singer worked the blues clubs of Chicago with a repertoire influenced by Louis Jordan, John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters. In late 1954, he teamed up with Billy Boy Arnold and recorded demos of "I'm A Man" and "Bo Diddley". Re-recorded at Chess Studios with a backing ensemble comprising Otis Spann (piano), Lester Davenport (harmonica), Frank Kirkland (drums) and Jerome Green (maracas), the a-side, "Bo Diddley", became an R&B hit in 1955. Before long, Diddley's distorted, amplified, custom-made guitar, with its rectangular shape and pumping rhythm style became a familiar, much-imitated trademark, as did his self-referential songs with such titles as "Bo Diddley's A Gunslinger", "Diddley Daddy" and "Bo's A Lumberjack". His jive-talking routine with "Say Man" (a US Top 20 hit in 1959) continued on "Pretty Thing" and "Hey Good Lookin'", which reached the lower regions of the UK charts in 1963. By then, Diddley was regarded as something of an R&B legend and found a new lease of life courtesy of the UK beat boom. The Pretty Things named themselves after one of his songs, while his work was covered by such artists as the Rolling Stones, the Animals, Manfred Mann, the Kinks, the Yardbirds, Downliners Sect and the Zephyrs. Diddley subsequently jammed on albums by Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters and appeared infrequently at rock festivals. His classic version of "Who Do You Love" became a staple cover for a new generation of US acts ranging from Quicksilver Messenger Service to the Doors, Tom Rush and Bob Seger, while the UK's Juicy Lucy took the song into the UK Top 20.