Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Last Minute Gifts For The Guitarist

Here is a list i received in my email.It has a variety of products for the guitarist.And there is 2 day shipping,so,not too late for Santa... :-).There are some cool items here.

* Shure PG48 Microphone - Shure quality mic for only $39!!

* Audio-Technica ATHM2X Headphones - great phones for only $29.99!

* Intellitouch Tuner - Revolutionary tuner that "feels" the notes

* Boss RC-20XL Loop Station - Phrase sampler with 16 min. of sampling time

* Zoom H4n Compact 4-track MP3/WAV recorder - this season's hottest item!

* Behringer Effects Pedals - the hit of the holiday season!

* Korg AW-2G Clip-on Tuner - compact & affordable!

* Digitech RP155 Guitar Multi-Effects

* Danelectro Chromatic Stage Tuner Mini-pedal

* Vox DA5 portable amp - huge power in a tiny package!

* Kings of Leon - Only by the Night - Guitar Tab

* U2 - No Line on the Horizon - Guitar Tab

* Best of Brad Paisley - Guitar Tab

* Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace - Guitar Tab

* Bass Tab White Pages - 197 Songs!

* Metallica - Death Magnetic - Bass Tab

* James Brown - Bass Tab

* Best of Tower of Power for Bass - Tab

* Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds - Songbook

* Taylor Swift - Fearless - Songbook

* Elvis Lives - The 25th Anniversary Concert - Songbook

* Josh Groban - Noel - Songbook

* Led Zeppelin - 5+ Hours of Rare Concert Footage

* Alison Krauss + Union Station - Live (DVD)

* Jazz Icons: Louis Armstrong, Live in '59 (DVD)

* Green Day - Bullet in A Bible - DVD

* Wynton Marsalis on Music (DVD)

We've got lots of cool gear for the guitarist at great prices! Current specials include:

* B.C. Rich Metal Master Warlock Electric Guitar - Tribal Fire

* Behringer V-Tone GM108 15-watt Guitar Combo Amp

* MXR Zak Wylde Overdrive Pedal

* PreSonus Inspire 1394 FireWire Recording System

* Fender Deluxe Wide Padded Leather Guitar Strap - Black

Plus, we've got lots of great deals on musical gear priced way below
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stocking Stuffers For Guitarist

The Pitchjack

Hum,another year gone by,and no record deal yet for you?Well,don't fret :-),go out and treat yourself to a personal gift,or better yet pass out a few stocking stuffers to your students....Here are a few i came across this year...
BigHeart Real Bottleneck Glass Guitar Slide

Dunlop Maintenance System

Stringwinder...a must have!!!

Planet Waves Humidifier

Sure SM-57...a must have!!!

Tortex/Dunlop picks...a must have!!

Tunetech Tuner

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Learning and PlayingThe Modes...Part 3

A holiday greeting to all and an apology to all for no recent post!I have been hampered from a host of computer and online problems!!!I don't even want to get started on all that has happened,needless to say,"when it rains it pours".
Anyway,hope all a happy and safe holiday.
OK...this is the wrap up lesson on the modes.You have had plenty of time to learn and get familiar with the earlier two postings on modes.And the last two of the 7 modes are....drum roll please :-)...the Aeolian mode and the Locrian mode.
The Aeolian mode is just a minor scale.In the key we are working in/A,it is the same as a C Major scale.But with the root note being an A it is as follows...
1-2-b3-4-5-6-b7-1(8) or A-B-C-D-E-F-G-A ...easy enough huh :-).
This mode is used when playing a minor or minor 7th chord/Am or Am7.And in a chord progression,it would be a change going from Am to Dm.So you have it on the Aeolian mode,very easy....

And now,the final and last mode,the Locrian.This is a very dark mode,and not used much by the average guitarist.But by jazzers,it is used quite often.This mode is used on top of a minor seven flat five chord...m7b5.
It's formula is 1-b2-b3-4-b5-b6-b7-1(8) or A-Bb-C-d-Eb-F-G-A
The main stand out notes are the b3,b5 and b7.So when creating a lick,consider this...

I do hope the three lessons on Modes have given some insight into what they are and have provided some knowledge into how to apply them.'s good to be back :-)
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