Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Combining Diminished Chord With Raised Nine For Turnaround

I recently talked about the turnaround.It being the closing of a progression or phrase before starting over the same prior sequence or a new sequence.
The 7th raised 9(7#9) chord and the diminished(0) chord are used extensively in jazz for turnaround chords.So that being said,let's see how to use both together in a turnaround situation.We will use the key of Am as the key,the typical 5 of A is E,so an E7 chord would be a standard turnaround chord.Now let's add some color to that E7 chord by playing an E7 raised 9(E7#9) in place of E7 and then adding B diminished also.

This is the 1 chord,an A minor 9(Am9),or the chord we are resolving to,from the E7#9/Bdim ...Note...do not play the 6th string,and,play the 5th string open,strings 5,4,3,2,1.The fingering is open,then bar strings 4 thru 1 with 1st finger and play 1st string with pinkie finger

5th fret

Now...the E7 raised nine(E7#9) chord is...5 chord
Do not play the 6th string or the first string(only the dotted strings/5,4,3,2

7th fret

And now the B diminished...5 chord

7th fret(only play strings 4,3,2,1)fingering is 1,3,2 and 4,in order to the strings mentioned

OK...if you do not know these chords,get familiar with them and their fingerings or shapes.
Here is the sequence to play the three chords in...
E7#9 to B dim and finally Am9...What we are doing is adding B dim to E7#9,or an extra turnaround chord!Instead of talking E7#9 to Am9,we are now saying E7#9 to B dim and finally ending on Am9.And there are many add-ons to this simple thought!Like on the B dim,the top B note,add in,the note C(B dim with b9 on the top),then to Am9.Or E7#9 to B dim,then to D dim(remember the diminished chord moves in minor 3rds,or 3 frets spreads),then to Am9.
Here are 2 helpful examples,of just what is going on here...
//Am9 /Am9 /Am9 /E7#9 B dim /Am9 //
//Am9 /Dm9 /Am9 /Dm9 /Am9 /Dm9 /E7#9 B dim/Am9 //
So there are many additional additives to what we have just talked about,but for now,maybe this will add a new weapon to the ol' arsenol :-)!Turnarounds are a major force in music.


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