Monday, June 8, 2009

Some Of Guitarist Oz Noy's Pedals

Ok,i did a little blog on Oz Noy earlier.Oz Noy is a guitarist from Israel,his style is groove based and funky with static lines thrown in.He is a pedal guy and is into transparency,no colored up pedal sounds from this guy!Let's now look at some of his favorite pedals.He uses many pedals but mentions particular ones in the three videos following this.They are the R.C.Booster,Robotalk and the BB Preamp.All sound great and all are very transparent.I feel the same way about pedals,i want the effect without it coloring my original tone!
In addition to the three videos,there is an interview with him at Modern Guitar's site.And i have included his MySpace page for some great playing by the Oz.


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