Friday, January 18, 2008

Harmony Central at NAMM Show

Harmony Central has the best video coverage,i have found,of the NAMM show.So here is a link to their page with videos of the NAMM trade show.The coverage is constantly updated so check back often to their page.And there is video of past shows also.
Winter NAMM 2008 Coverage at Harmony Central...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

NAMM Show Update

As promised ,here are a few updates on the NAMM show for 2008.This will begin to show why the NAMM Show is the biggest trade show in the United States......... so "stay tuned" :-),for more updates...
Carlos Santana Joining PRS for 2008 NAMM... Guitar Historian Tom Wheeler will be joined by Carlos Santana, Paul Reed Smith and many other gifted PRS artists for the unveiling of 12 new PRS models, including the newly named Santana MD model, on Friday, January 18 at 1:00 p.m. The expose, scheduled in PRS Guitars' re-positioned Winter NAMM booth (#5320), will highlight PRS Guitars' distinctive and evolving models and present artists with the opportunity to speak to the press about their personal experiences with their favorite PRS instruments.
Joe Yamada at NAMM 2008 Anaheim...Members of NAMM are invited to attend the "Whisperings Artist Appearance" at the 2008 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. On Saturday, January 19, 2008 at 3:00 PM join Whisperings artists Joe Yamada,David Nevue, Joe Bongiorno, Louis Landon, Catherine Marie Charton, Michele McLaughlin, Christian Calcatelli, and Gary Girouard at the Galileo Music exhibit (#6300). NAMM members can read more about the Whisperings Artist Appearance at the Whisperings website. The NAMM Show is open to NAMM members and their guests (closed to the general public).
Megadeth...Shawn drover scheduled to be at NAMM
Ibanez To Introduce SV Prestige At Winter NAMM ...
Winter NAMM 2008: Ampeg's New See-thru Dan Armstrong Transparent Bass
Godin Guitars to Heat Things up at Winter NAMM 2008...With winter NAMM fast approaching, Canadian based Godin Guitars ready’s itself for what is to be one of the companies biggest showings of new product at NAMM…ever! Here's a sneak peak at the new guitar models to be unveiled ...Watch the Godin Passion RG-3 video at:
..........the bass in the above picture is the Dan Armstrong clear acrylic bass.The bass player i played with in the 70's had one,so they heve been out a while(acrylic),it is way ahesd of it's time.Along with the looks,it also has some great tone also.And the Ibanez guitar/SV Prestige, is new,will be introduced at the NAMM show.It has a non-locking bridge(more popular these days)and rounded edges,nice change.Ibanez is a great guitar company.Every Ibanez i have ever played felt great in my hands.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Little Tuner That Could...AP Tuner

Do you need a great desktop guitar tuner?I do,that way i do not need to drag out a tuner from the guitar case,or find it!And i do not have to open a big music software program to just tune my guitar while playing through my computer with my toys!

The AP Tuner is by far the best desktop tuner i have found.It can be used,as is,no tweaking,or it has the ability to be tweaked/temperments,hertz,soundcard and more.And it is not sluggish,it holds the note being played(others do not) and the face of it is very pleasing and visual.And,well,it's free too.Of course a donation would be a kind thing to do.I got to say this is my all time favorite desktop tuner,and i have tried me.
....For GOT TO PLAY IN TUNE....and for the pros(i know most of you are...right!!) can not beat this for a desktop tuner,especially if you are recording via computer
....605269 AP Tuner downloads since September 2003

Saturday, January 12, 2008


It's back.....the NAMM(North American Music Manufactures trade show) show.For those who do not know what this's the musicians ultimate "candy store"!There is booth after booth after booth, of all the music companies in the world,yes,world,showcasing their product(s)...Fender,Gibson,M-audio,Roland,Apogee,Taylor,Neve,Mackie,Soundcraft,Yamaha,Neuman,you name it,if they are anybody,they will have a booth at the NAMM show.And if that's not enough,there will be world class players,engineers and celebaties demoing the instruments/equipment!And if you are lucky,you can go to some of the private showings at one of the rooms...concerts,more demos....the celebaties.It is the ultimate place to be for musicians/engineers/anyone that is a part of the music industry.
...this ones only for dealers/music industry people ,it's starts this weekend in Anaheim,California,but you can get a glimpse into this great annual event...
..Your Guide to NAMM Show Concerts, Events, Celebrity Appearances and More!.

Come back for updates on this incredible event

Fender American "Standard" Strat Gets New Bridge and Name

Hi Everyone....
Ok,lets get blogging.Fender Strats have always been my choice for an "all-around" guitar.And getting detailed,a pick up set up with H/S/S,or,humbucker/single/single.To me with that combination you can just about play any style of music.Of course jazz is a little of an exception and metal or hard/heavy rock.But overall a Strat is hard to beat....period.Play it for blues,rock,funk,country,it truly does fill a lot of styles!Recently the Strat has gone back to being called "standard"Strat,but with a new bridge design,and the saddles sound like they may be like the originals,with a curled lip on them,supposedly the holy grail saddle for tone.There are some other changes also....
...Listen to "For The Curious"/Nimbit widget(below),those are my tunes,all done on Strats,but the acoustic pieces and on "Strut"also combined with the Roland MIDI guitar set up..There are jazz pieces,funk,rock,blues...all on Strats... :-)

Fender Introduces New American Standard Series
Fender announced yesterday that it has reshaped the American Series Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazz Bass and Precision Bass guitars into what it calls the American Standard Series...
Fenders Site...