Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Music Fact....Cleaning Your Guitar Strings

A happy guitar is a guitar with clean strings

There is nothing like the sound of new strings.But,as you know,that is shortly lived.So today's quick music fact is about how to clean your strings and also how to keep that nice sound of new strings around longer.
First,i keep my fingers and hands clean,a fobia!Before playing you need to clean your hands,a hand sanitizer will do this.Clean hands and fingers will increase string life.And, keeping the strings wiped down while playing or when finished playing.I suggest an old thick white sock and old tee shirt or a cloth baby diaper(also good for polishing your guitar).Any cloth that is cotton works well.I apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl) onto the cloth,then go underneath each string for the whole length of the string.Sort of wrap the cloth around the string,but,definitely get under the string,that is where the dirt is!The cloth will be dirty after wiping!
And for rosewood and ebony fret boards,apply a small amount of lemon oil(no wax)on a cloth and rub the fretboard down.It feels great on the fretboard and your playing speed increases too :-).


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