Sunday, April 19, 2009

Producing and Playing Harmonics On Guitar

Harmonics on 6th string
Playing harmonics on guitar can be fun and sounds cool too.But there is a technique you have to use to produce the sound.And there are certain areas along the neck of each string that is easier than other areas,to create these harmonics.It requires a light touch,with the finger on the left hand over(easiest)the fret wire.You do not fret or press the string down like you would normally be playing the note.There are 5 common frets that are easier to produce the harmonics on,frets 3,5,7,9 and 12.And your pick up selection will make it easier to produce the harmonic too.The bridge pick up is the best to use.and next the middle,in a 3 pick up configuration.On a Strat,the neck pick up will not produce certain harmonics.In addition to playing on the fretwire,there are additional harmonics in other places also.These are harder to create.Using the bridge pick up with some overdrive or distortion will help :-).Check out the diagram for additional harmoics for the 6th string.
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