Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Myxer Hits 20 Million Users

The online ringtone company Myxer reached 20 million users recently.I use it for spreading the word,or should i say,spreading my music around.In addition to charging for downloads,I offer my music as ringtones for free.So far my songs have been downloaded 2,500 times.That is good advertisement.You may want to try out Myxer for yourself, i recommend it.And if you don't feel like paying for a download of one of my songs,then download a free ringtone!
Myer's Spin On It...
Every once in a while, we like to take a step back, collectively pinch ourselves, and go “wow!” Recently, we at Myxer and, you guys, the Myxer Community, celebrated a truly amazing milestone—20 million users “strong!” From our humble beginnings just a handful of years ago, Myxer has grown into the most unique, exciting mobile entertainment destination on the web and mobile web—and as always we thank you, we could never have done it without your patronage and spirited participation! In return for your loyal support, we have some super-awesome new stuff headed your way! Brand spankin’ new features, content, and all sorts of other exciting stuff— so, keep it locked!

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