Saturday, April 18, 2009

Guitar Chords and More Chords and Then Ted Greene

Well,let's see here!I originally discovered this site on guitar chords ,Howard's Big List of Guitar Chords.It is a computer generated chord creator.It list the chord,the chord formula,then the various shapes or voicing combinations.There are no fingering listings just the note and what string and fret to play it on,so you figure out the best fingering!It is a good and interesting program.Along with the basic 6,5,4 root voicings it goes deep into alternatives!So check it out for some alternative voicings!
OK..this got me thinking....CHORDS....hum.Well of course,who pops up in my thoughts?Of course...Ted Greene,and "Chord Chemistry".Ted Greene is now passed,but his knowledge and skills live on!And his book Chord Chemistry has always been one of my favorites.It is sort of like the site above i mentioned,but much more guitar/user friendly!The book is just loaded with chords and shapes and have listed also his site and an audio link at his commerative site.I do highly recommend Ted Greene's Chord Chemistry book for a deep and expanded knowledge of chords.and bass lines and other interesting guitar information.Ted Greene was always searching for another voicing or line or perfect tone!It is in all of his videos!
...Ok,i got the Guitar Chord Player widget back,so try some chords out on it and start discovering some new ones and how they sound!
Ted Greene audio clips...


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