Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quick Music Fact...There Is No One or Universal Scale

Another Quick Music Fact...i recently noticed a search result for one of my hits on Statcounter.It was the search "Universal minor Scale + Guitar".This takes me back,waaaay back,to how i first thought about that "universal or magic scale" that all the jazzers were using!I was thinking the same thing...the ol' one scale fits all...scenerio.Well there is no ONE scale,there are many,many scales/Eastern,Western music,you name it....many!The basics are your Majors,minors,augmented and diminished.Noticed the Major(s) and minor(s) were plural.
So the jest of this is...there is no one scale,just learn the basic scales,then go on to learn the modes and hybrid scales and modes.


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