Friday, August 28, 2009

JPF To Webcast Music Awards August 29

This is going to be good...This is a cool music organization,and quite impreesive for a grass roots effort!My hat goes off to Brian Austin Whitney for such a huge effort that has turned into such a huge success!

...Hi Everyone,
We're really excited to announce that the 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards will be webcast LIVE from the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TN on the JPF Homepage at All you need to do is log on there and the show will automatically start playing when it goes live a few minutes before 5PM US CST.

The JPF music awards are the largest ever conducted in world history and took 17 months to complete. We had 560K songs and 42K albums entered from 163 countries around the world. It's all done for free and as a labor of love by a staggering number of judges (we had over 10,000 judges assigned in the last round alone). We have 33 performances from artists around the world representing the 93 genres. Among the folks performing include Gretchen Peters, Jeff Oster & Michael Manring, Sekou (tha Misfit), Donna Ulisse, Russell Smith & the Amazing Rhythm Aces, Jasmine Cain as well as international artists from Uganda, Taiwan, Japan, Saint Lucia, Israel, Canada, Guam, Denmark (3 of them.. must be something in the water!), Faroe Islands and many more. Tune in and see our community recognize some wonderful music from around the world.
See you on the web!


Brian Austin Whitney

Just Plain Folks


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