Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Often Should You Change Your Guitar Strings

This would seem to be a logical question,right.Well it really depends upon a lot of things like,the players personal preference,how often he or she plays,will the strings tune up and even weather conditions and the environment.
I personally change to a new set every three days when playing regularly or daily,three to four hours.In addition,it depends on the humidity also.This affects the strings life also.The heat makes my hands sweat,and sweat kills string life.Where i am from,the southeastern U.S.,humidity and heat are a problem and this contributes to shortened string life.And if performing along the coast,the salt air also shortens string life.That is why i always keep my strings wiped down!This alone can dramatically increase the strings on the other hand,i have at times just kept the same sey of strings on until they start breaking or just want tune up!In this case,it may be two to three months before a string change!But,regardless of how clean you kept the strings....they die!That means no tone,no brightness or sustain and invariably tuning and intonation problems.
So there you have it.How often you should change your strings is really an individual preference.If you are a beginner or just starting,i would just play on them for at least a month or so.Most strings will last that long,with an average one hour of playing time daily.
...BTW,can you tell which two brands i use :-)
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