Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quick Music Fact....Guitar Lessons

Here is another Quick Music Fact...Guitar Lessons

School will be starting soon,again :-).That means kids are back from their vacations and their summer activities are coming to a close.The whole family and singles are getting on a set schedule again.And what does this all mean?It means guitar lessons will begin again for many kids,along with many new guitar prodigy's starting guitar!
My advice is not have a you a favor,and give you free lessons,and just teach you bad habits,and get you off on the wrong track!Getting solid technique and knowledge in the basics is critical.So shop around your hometown and find a good,seasoned and accredited guitar teacher.Also,remember,there can be an awesome player around that teaches,but,they just can't teach what they play!There is an art to teaching,it is called communication,being able to convey to the student what he or she is playing or teaching.This is where many "guitar teachers" fall short!
So all i am saying around,ask other guitarist also,talk with different teachers,ask them about their regime.


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