Friday, June 6, 2008

Van Halen Breaks Record

...Well now,i read where Van Halen's latest tour was their most successful.Eddie,if you are reading on.My personal opinion on one of the reasons/main reason,for their successful tour is... David Lee Roth!Yes,David Lee Roth fits the whole Van Halen thing,like a glove!As much as Eddie hates it,David Lee Roth was and IS a piece of the Van Halen puzzle.When i think of Van Halen...i think of David Lee Roth with Eddie!The vocal style of Roth,and stage presence, just fits so well with the bands sound/songs and Eddies playing.....

All of the false starts and 'internal issues' that were supposed to derail Van Halen's reunion tour—their first with David Lee Roth since 1985—have ended in the band's greatest tour gross yet: more than $93 million, earned before nearly one million fans at 74 North American arena shows.

"We send our thanks to the countless new and longtime fans that helped make this tour our most successful," Van Halen said in a statement.

It's unknown whether the band is working on new material, but they have promised "exciting developments" in the near future.

Grossing More Than $93 Million
...Van Halens Site...


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