Friday, June 13, 2008

Greed With No Balls

I came across this great article on eras of music and how the music style would cycle or change every decade or so into another style or type.But recently,since the 90's,this has not happened.I tend to agree with this.My interpretation is it's all about the money,greed,and the record companies not having the balls to showcase new talent or new styles of music.This is in fear of the act or music not gaining the profits other,already successful,artist have,for the record companies!Again,it's all about greed for the money.And it kills fresh new talent and new styles and ideas.I too am sick and tired of hearing the same-ol-shit,pardon my French!And if i hear another DJ taking credit for a song...he did not even write....well,or another rapper who thinks he's a singer!!!!Please don't get me the article.

...The Bad Music Movement…..
Since the dawn of popular music, there was always movement;


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