Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Great Interview With B.B.King at ...AllAboutJazz

(above) BB King and Gibson "Lucille"

BB King has always been the blues player to play after,not fast,but is unique,with his own style.His playing gives me a "happy" kind of blues feeling.There is a great interview over at
An excerpt from the interview,B.B. talking about the first time he got hooked on guitar(a player in his church was playing)..."It was heaven! Heaven! It was unusual to even have electric light in the area, and there he was plugging up an electric guitar. It was new, different -- something I can't explain. It was like he was hitting notes that no one had hit before. I was about seven years old, and it was so exciting. My mother used to talk about spanking me to make me go to church, but when we went to Reverend Archie's church I'd be leading her by the hand because he always played the guitar".
Thanks AllAboutJazz for the great interview with BB King
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