Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fewer Post

This is just to let you know,i will be presenting fewer post starting in July.I feel as though fewer postings will allow me to present more in depth material ,instead of trying to post something to just meet a daily or every other day,deadline!The July post,and there after,will be on more of a weekly basis.In addition,the term "Guitar Answers",in Google search,is getting lower ratings than usual.But... i am in no way, glued down, to having to be in Googles search rankings top 10,as i was at one time!But it is a little disturbing to see other sites listed higher than mine,that really show very little knowledge of being a guitarist,and of being on top of the movers and shakers in the music industry!So thought i would would let my readers know about these changes that will be taking place in July.And i really do appreciate the musicians/guitarist that have come around and supported this blog.Well...until my next post....
Peace My Friends and May The Pick Be With You,Greg


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