Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Smartstrip...An Active Power Strip

Just came across this power strip article over in Harmony Central.I am calling it an "active" power strip,because when an electrical device is left on but is not being used,it is still using power....right.Well,this power strip senses that and,i guess,kills the connection or circuit flow so...voila,no current usage,meaning a lower electric bill and more so,helping the environment!I know,myself,i am notorious for leaving my computer on after laying down to sleep,or leaving my practice amp on all the time!Along with that,my cell phone charger and the many outboard gear i may be using.So check out the Smartstrip...

...If you have devices that stay on 24/7, even when they’re not being used, you’re not only spending money needlessly, you’re asking coal-burning power plants to produce energy that just gets wasted. That’s so non-green. And though it may be just a drop in the bucket financially for you, if you factor the cost by the U.S. population, the results are staggering. So set a good example and get a “smart strip”—a power strip that senses when devices are not being used and shuts down the electrical path to them completely.This prevents phantom current from seeping through and draining your bank account penny by penny (all of which goes to the utility company, of course). Typical current-sucking culprits include computer and audio monitors, cell phone chargers, USB hubs, printers, external hard drives, and other computer peripherals. The smart strip uses master and slave outlets. For a computer, you’d plug your CPU into the master and the peripherals into the slaves. When the strip realizes your computer is not being used (either because it’s powered down or in sleep mode), it automatically cuts the juice to the peripherals in the slave outlets. For one solution, check out the Smart Strip from Bits Limited


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