Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Martin D18 Restoration,With The Help Of An Espresso Machine

I somehow ended up on a web page,go figure,and it was illustrating how a luthiar was getting the neck disconnected from the body of a 70 year old Martin D18!So you know,the owner had gone through great measures to verify the luthiar's credentials!The luthiars name is Marty Lanham,of Nashville.But,anyway,through reading about the job,it mentioned his technique of disconnecting the neck from the body.On most acoustic guitars,the joints and framing are held together by glue/hyde glue.So he was showing and explaining how he softened the glue up enough to be able to do it.The device he used was an old espresso coffee maker!He directed the steam from the espresso maker into the guitar cavity,which in turn heated the glue and softened it up!I have worked on guitars for a while now,on and off,and can tell you,a lot of the tools used in repair work are created and not bought,Yes,you can buy them(Stewart McDonald),but they are very expensive,and sometimes you have to "create" a tool to do the job!Thought you might like to know,just in case you have a 70 year old Martin just laying around,with say a settled neck that needs to be re-angled for better action!haha....
.... Uncle Pete’s Old Guitar with Master Craftsman Marty Lanham- A Martin Restoration in Progress: Part2...http://www.bluegrassjournal.com/2008/05/12/uncle-pete%E2%80%99s-old-guitar-with-master-craftsman-marty-lanham-a-martin-restoration-in-progress-part2/


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