Thursday, May 8, 2008

Phish Honored At The Jammy Awards...and More

The Jammy Awards were able to bring together the members of Phish for the first time since they broke up four years ago .Not only was it the highlight, it was also the peak for the seventh annual Jammys, which celebrates the best in improvisational music.It's hard to deny the Phish reunion as the awards show's best moment, despite a history of unique performances that included acts ranging from String Cheese Incident and members of The Dead to John Mayer and Buddy Guy. As Anastasio came the podium to speak, the crowd at the Theater at Madison Square Garden went from roaring cheers to silence.The four men haven't been onstage together since their last performance in Coventry, Vt., in 2004, which wrapped up a farewell tour and a 20-year run for Phish. Since then, each has been working on individual projects.

Something i did not know was the longevity of the Phish band,twenty years,a fair amount of time to be together as a unit and up under each others noses!From personal experience,that eventually takes its tole on a band.It takes precedence even over the "fringe benefits "of being in a band,ala,traveling,gaining new aquantances :-),all expense paid vacations(cruise gigs,foreign travel,gourmet meals) and more!Hum.... i'm wondering why i quit gigging out....haha!
And speaking of...Warren Haynes appearance.I highly recommend to the younger and to the experienced guitarist,to go out and acquire some of Warrens music.He is one of the newer,per- se,guitarist in the Allman Brothers Band.A great blues guitarist and singer,His playing is intense and right on,and his vocals fits his playing and the songs like a "glove",great songs,great playing and vocals....rare these days!!!
Also John Mayer...he is worth a listen also.Although i prefer his original style over his newer blues style.I liked his ideas better on harmony,song writing and his vocal style then,more so than the blues style he is playing now.
...O.K....this wraps it up for another personalized music post....


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