Saturday, May 24, 2008

Killer Chops TV and Truth In Shredding

(left to right...James Brown,The Ventures,Franks Zappa,Allan Holdsworth)
Hi....and hope all have a safe and happy Memorial weekend.
I have come across a great site for shredders,along with some great,great vintage videos in a number of styles,including...

* Bands-Electronic
* Bands-Funk
* Bands-Heavy
* Bands-Jazz
* Bands-Other
* Bands-Rock
* Bass Players
* Drummers
* Funny
* Guitar Players
* Instructional
* Keyboard Players
* Zeuhl-Progressive

...yep,that's,great vintage videos for musicians!From James Brown to Parliament to Jimi Hendrix to Sly and The Family Stone to Allan Holdsworth!It is awesome to see some of the original guitars and tube amps!
And the Shredders site has some great video also...enjoy and again,Have A Safe and Great Memorial.
...Killer Chops Site/videos...http//
...Truth In Shredding Site... http//


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