Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Natural Minor Scale and When to Use It

This is about the natural minor scale,the formula for it and what chord(s)to play it over.First and foremost....the chord or chord progression always dictates what choice of scale(s)you have to play.And it is the same in this instance....

Here is the formula for any natural minor scale...2 frets/1 fret/2 frets....etc.

........ C-D-Eb-F-G-Ab-Bb-C

Now...the chord(s) to play this scale over would be a minor chord,minor 7th chord,minor 7th raised(sharp)5.The reason you ask...well because the notes that are in these chords can also be found in the notes of the natural minor scale!Remember what was said above...the chord(s)always dictates the scale,other words,chords are the ruler!You can be the fastest,flashiest,most stringtapping,sweepiest player on the block,But,if you don't understand this,you will sound "stupid"playing all that stuff!And OMG,you don't want that....right!haha
Next...a simple chord progression(the same rule above applies to a "chord progression"the notes in the chords will determine which scale(s) to use...C minor to F minor,or a 1 to 4 progression,the natural minor works well.
Again the reason why....First,we already know the natural minor works on the C minor chord (1,b3,5).And look at the next chord,the F minor.The notes in the F minor chord are F,Ab and C.Well now,all three of these notes can be found in the C natural minor scale!
I do hope this has helped some of the younger and older guitarist/players out there.We all get into our little "ruts"and get 'stuck"occasionally.Maybe this has helped some get out of theirs... :-)
....for additional info on the natural minor and comparing it with the dorian mode,read an earlier post of mine...Scales and Modes...The Natural Minor Versus The Dorian Thursday, March 20, 2008


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