Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Funk In Your Rock....Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck model Strat
Jeff Beck has been around for a long time.And his style is unique and funky.He really does nice acrobats in his solos,the bends,the harmonics and the tones.He is primarily a Strat man.I really like the Blow By Blow album,and the Wired,i think,album,with Led Boots,i use to play that jam,sorta funk/rock.Speaking of funk,Beck's style has a lot of funk in his soloing,it is catchy and rythmic,with subtle/unique techniques thrown in......

Here is Beck with famous keyboard player Jan Hammer(wrote the theme song for the show Miami Vice).You can hear how Becks note attacks and bends are unique,along with his great tone.And Hammers solo sounds like a guitar,by bending the where is Becks pick... :-)
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