Sunday, April 13, 2008

Myxer...Promote Your Music Through Ringtones...and More

Hi All...i have been looking at different programs for creating ringtones from my original music.Along with that,also ways of marketing my created ringtones....selling.I came across this site,Myxer,you can join as just a normal cell phone owner and download ringtones and wallpapers for free or purchased.Along with the normal sign up,bands can also sign up for an artist account and from the Myxer site be able to upload their song(s),edit them or convert them to ringtones and then sell them,along with having their own personal page with their web site link.Also your wallpapers/band logo can be uploaded to sell or giveaway ,along with a video,and you have a "fanlist"also.

From The Company

MyxerTones "Make Your Own" Overview
MyxerTones is the best way to make and share mobile phone ringtones and wallpapers.
MyxerTones lets you quickly and easily take song or image files from your computer and send them to your phone as ringtones or wallpapers. Upload a song or picture, customize it with our online tools, and deliver it right to your phone. No cables, no service contracts, it just works!

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