Thursday, March 20, 2008

Scales and Modes...The Natural Minor Versus The Dorian

This may help some guitarist who may have some questions about when to use a natural minor scale and when to use the dorian mode(minor also).
There is one note that is different between the two,that is the 6th note.In the key of C,the C natural minor scale goes... c-d-e flat-f-g-(A flat)-b flat-c.The 6th note is A flat........
In the C dorian the notes go...c-d-e flat-f-g-(A)-b flat-c.Th 6th note is an A natural,so,there is a half step diifference,a BIG difference!
When applying these two to being used in a simple chord change,the natural minor scale fits nicely over a C minor to F minor chord progression,because of the A flat note in the F minor chord.
And when playing a C minor to F Major chord progression,the Dorian mode fits nicely because of the A natural note in the F Major chord!
Chord progression 1...C minor to F minor=C Natural minor scale
Chord progression 2...C minor to F Major=C Dorian mode
Conclusion.....the chord(s)always dictates what scale or mode to play!
.....Hope this helped some of you....


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