Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quick Music Fact....Changing Strings on A Floyd Rose

Here is an important Quick Music Fact for new or inexperienced guitarist.
When your guitar has a lock down type bridge system/Floyd Rose,never,never remove all the strings at once, to change to a new set!This will totally screw up the bridge placement!!!
Only,i repeat...only change out....ONE string at a time.Example...
1.unlock the screw that is locking down the 1st and 2nd strings,then,detune the 1st string,then remove it,after unlocking from the bridge!
2.Now put the new 1st string on....tune it up to pitch
3.Do the same,individually,for the rest of the strings.(and you can go ahead and lock each of the three screws down as you do the pair of strings.Ex...strings 1 and 2..lock,strings 3 and 4...lock them,then strings 5 and 6...lock them)
This procedure will save you a BUNCH of headaches.And ,of course,if you have the "standard" type bridge,none of this applies.Standard meaning,the strings are not locked at the bridge and nut!


Anonymous said...

thanks for clearing up what has become a real urban myth. most guitars can have all their strings removed without any harm whatsoever - after all, they were built like that!

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