Friday, October 23, 2009

Line6 M13 Pedal Board...An End To All ?

I just was reading up on Line6's M13 pedal board.I have not heard it,but from the looks,features,specs and what it does,it sounds like a winner!Anyone who has heard this,let me know.I do prefer rack mounted equipment,but for what this is and what it offers,along with the price/$437.00 and up,it sounds like a winner.My how technology has changed!!!
Their slogan fits quite well... " Stompbox simple and pedal board powerful "
...Product Features

* Over 75 stompbox effects, 4 simultaneous in any order and any combination
* Dedicated knobs to control each of the parameters of each effect
* Create up to 12 pedal board scenes for instant recall. (It's like having 12 fully tricked-out pedal boards available at any time)
* Universal tap tempo to sync all your time-based effects
* 28-second looper with dedicated footswitch controls for Undo, Record/Overdub, Play/Stop, Half Speed and more

...The Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler is a multi effects pedal that gives you the essential all-in-one guitar pedal experience. Features include a comprehensive collection of the most sought-after stompbox sounds, a full-featured looper and super-heavy-duty all-metal construction. Without complicated menus or presets, the Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler channels the soul and ease of a stompbox while providing you with dozens of guitar effects. Boasting over 75 immortal stompbox effects including distortions, reverbs, delays (including sounds from Line 6's best-selling DL4 delay pedal), and so much more, reach into the M13 Stompbox Modeler for access to many of history's most celebrated guitar sounds. Use up to 4 different sounds-or 4 of the same-simultaneously. Each effects pedal model features dedicated knobs for instant tweaking. The 28-second looper is always at the ready with dedicated footswitches for Play/Stop, Half-Speed, Reverse, Undo and more. All M13 Stompbox Modeler's metal footswitches can withstand constant stomping and rock and roll-style abuse. Use any sound, in any arrangement, with any of the Line 6 M13 pedal's 12 footswitches. Create different pedal board setups, or "scenes," for instant recall of an entire gig's or song's stompbox sounds. Save a scene for your metal band, one for your Top 40 sessions you get the picture. No more tearing up hook and loop fabric just to change one or two pedals. Save up to 12 scenes and back them up to your computer using the MIDI in/out. Super-easy, super-solid and featuring a built-in chromatic tuner, toss M13 Stompbox Modeler on stage and hit the ground running....

So let me know just how the effects "sound"....the features are great!


Anonymous said...

i just bought one... it looks awesome!

Anyerin Drury said...

I have owned a Line 6 M13 for 14mths now. I LOVE IT! The more I learn to use it and play with it, the more solid it feels. The sounds are fantastic. All modeled on vintage sounds, and they sound like it. You can see all the specs above, so I won;t go into them, but the sound of this pedal is nothing like the sometimes digital sound of a POD. It sounds creamy, and dare I say even analog. Very happy with how easy it is, how many combinations I can get out of it with the scenes, and happy with the way sounds layer. I actually am finding my self wishing there was one more row up and across. I find it easy to have a drive, a delay, an effect and a reverb all on at once, so I have to line them up like that. Simple and awesome. I'll never buy another pedal again, seriously. Especially if Line 6 keeps coming out with software updates. Feels like Christmas time, getting essentially free, new pedals. 100% recommend. 10/10 piece of equipment. :)

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