Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quick Music Fact...Develop Your Own Style

About the most important thing to playing is developing your own style and sound.This can be an ever evolving thing.There is the sound you produce or create.Then there is the way you play what you play.The great guitarist can be recognized in just a few notes of hearing.Sometimes even in one note!One that comes to mind is Carlos Santana.His way of playing,the sustained notes,along with the rapid picking and his sound,fat and sustained.And most of these players play melodically.That is to say more like a sang or hummed melody,not rapid fire all the time.Again the way the note is attacked or played.Do you pick the note,hammer,pull off or slide into the note,these are all styles of playing.The phrasing of a group of notes and the tone and sound being created.Once you have developed a style you are considered an accomplished player by the players.Creating your own style can be one of the hardest parts of music to create!It comes at the cost of a music vocabulary or knowledge and a sound that is all your get the ol' axe out and start working on your own style.....good luck.


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