Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dating Your Guitar By The Serial Number

OK...i have had an extremely full plate going on lately!So,sorry for no post,in fact,post may be slow for the next few weeks.But check in and see if anything new has been posted,will be a little sporadic to say the least!
I recently was trying to find the production date of a particular guitar i have.You can do this several ways,one being the serial number.On electrics,the serial number is usually on the back of the headstock.And on acoustics,on the inside.or by looking through the sound hole.So in my journeys i have discovered many good sites with info on this.I have listed a few of them,along with a site with some great pics of vintage and cool guitars.Along with dating a guitar by the serial number,there are additional ways that will enhance your results.Some are the guitars shape,the headstock shape,the hardware,pick-ups,etc.And,what is written on the headstock,that was my case!And thanks to the site... http://www.provide.net/~cfh/gallery.html for the great picture!
Guitar Dating and Guitar Serial Numbers... http://mediawebsource.com/guitar/serial.htm
Vintage Guitars Info - Fender, collecting vintage guitars fender stratocaster, strat, telecaster, tele... http://www.provide.net/~cfh/fender.html
Vintage Guitars Info's Gibson Vintage Guitar General Info, Specs, and Serial Numbers... http://www.provide.net/~cfh/gibson.html
Martin Guitar > Martin History > Serial Look-up... http://www.martinguitar.com/history/dating.html
***Jedistar guitar dating and vintage guitar serial numbers, Acacia Instruments, American Showster, Allen Guitars... http://www.jedistar.com/jedistar_vintage_guitar_dating_a.htm
eBay Guides - Gibson Electric Guitar Serial Number and Date Code Info... http://reviews.ebay.com/Gibson-Electric-Guitar-Serial-Number-and-Date-Code-Info_W0QQugidZ10000000002152087


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