Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fender Price Increase

Woa...slow economy,job losses,businesses closing,but,Fender does a 30% price increase.Are they crazy?Man...i sure am glad i got that million dollar Christmas bonus from the band!!!


Anonymous said...

I know!!!! I couldn't believe it either. Been looking at getting a '62 RI Jazzmaster, but they can forget it. I'm not gonna pay two grand for it. Nor am I going to pay over a grand for a Mexican made Jazzmaster (even if the hardware was made of 24k gold!). They'll come back to reality if enough people boycott. How can we "Buy American" if this is what American companies are doing? Get real Fender.....

Venk said...

Hi All,

If any of you have been frustrated by the MAP pricing from Fender and their insane price increases along their entire line along with their main competitor Gibson, please go to

and register a complaint for FTC to investigate a price-fixing/collusion possibility between Fender and Gibson. This only takes a few minutes and the wizard there will guide you through the process. I believe there is already an investigation by several states on Fender price fixing policies.

I have always been a Fender man and have never played anything else but I am not happy with the corporate practices of Fender.


PS: If you personally don't think this is warranted, that is OK. Many of us believe that such price increases cannot be supported without monopolistic and price fixing practices and while we can certainly choose not to buy Fender and go elsewhere, such boycotts will not prevent anti-consumer practices. Hence we are starting this grass roots movement to bring public and regulatory attention to Fender's business practices. I hope you will reconsider.

W. said...

I got pretty lucky as it turned out. I was going to get a Deluxe strat v neck, along with a hotrod deluxe amp. Well, I wasn't able to get a new amp, but found one for 400 on craigslist in like new condition. It had gone up from 599 to 699 new. The strat however, I got for the old price of 1199.00. Now they're going for 1499.00. It's a shame of the increase, but I would still pay 1500 or more for the quality I got in that guitar. Definitely scan the inventory before the new arrives, if you have the funds to do so.

steve said...

i guess i bought my yngwie and american deluxe at the best time, i couldn't believe it the price of a yngwie on musicians friend is now $2,019.99usd
i only paid $1,500 cdn for mine in june...

G said...

Ha Steve...yea the prices are crazy.So that Strat is a good investment.And i know you are probably playing it right now :-).That's about a 25 percent increase,and i do not see the prices ever going back down,so hold on to it,a great guitar.

steve said...

oh yea i'm holding on to it just ordered a schecter c-1 hellraiser with a floyd yesterday i figure ill get this just incase other manufactures decide to do a fender stunt lol

G said...

The Schecter C-1 looks really nice!How do the EMG's sound?I will bet they sound great.Their Strat pick ups sound great,the active ones.The Schecter looks like it might have tone- chambers,does it?Gives us the heads up on the Schecter,ok.....Greg
For my readers...
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Electric Guitar Features:

* Mahogany body (Black Cherry finish includes Quilted Maple Top)
* Set, 3-piece mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard
* 24 X-jumbo frets
* 25-1/2" scale
* Ultra-access cutaway
* EMG active 81/89 pickups
* Volume/volume/tone controls
* 3-way pickup switch
* Grover tuners
* Abalone binding and gothic cross fretboard inlays
* TonePros tune-o-matic bridge with thru-body design

steve said...

it comes in next week,the guitar is white and has abalone binding around around the body and headstock, the hardware is black chrome. the inlay on the fretboard is abalone Gothic crosses,you can pull the volume nobs for coil taps,has an Original floyd rose not a licensed. heres some pictures i found on google
i can't wait until next friday lol

G said...

Ha Steve...yea the pix are nice man.The white with the abalone binding is really striking,along with the black EMG's.And i didn't know about the coil tap option...hum,sounds nice...."Rock On My Brotha"... :-)Greg

Anonymous said...

I was about a week away from buying a new Telecaster when Fender increased their prices by more than 20%. Only a complete moron would believe that this was a good move in hard economic times by Fender. Instead, I bought a Gretsch, which is the best. Thank God I bought my American Standard Stratocaster. Bassman, princeton and pre-cbs '65 twin reverb amps long ago before Fender got greedy and stupid. I won't buy a ything Fender ever again. Only an idiot could possibly agree with this move by Fender. They, and anyone who supports this lie can stick it.

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