Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tweak Your Guitar For Better Tone

There are ways to change/tweak or improve the sounds of your guitar.Here are a few...

* Lowering pickups into the body may sound better, but will produce less output. Experiment with pickup heights until you find your own "sweet spot."
* ALNICO rod pickups that are too close to the strings can "pull" the string out of tune, especially on the bass side of neck pickups.
* Bigger frets, heavier bodies and maple face plates can add to the highs and thin out the midrange, as do heavier nuts (brass) and bridges (locking tremelos).
* Shielding, on the other hand, reduces highs by raising the capacitance of the circuit. Shielding the coil has more of this effect than shielding the body cavity because it places the shielding closer to the coil itself. Therefore, we do not recommend shielding the coils or the inside of plastic covers because of potential damage and shorting out of the pickup.
* Volume pots put a small short across the pickup dampening highs so a larger value pot will make a guitar a little brighter and a smaller value pot will make it darker.
* A resistor can be added across the pickup (hot to ground) to achieve resistances between standard pot values. ( a 330k resistor added to a 250k pot gives a 145k short across the pickup).

To me,tweaking is fun and the fun never ends!


Larissa said...

The process of tuning an electric guitar is explained very effectively...It is very easy to understand.Thanks for providing such information.

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