Sunday, December 14, 2008

10(9) Useful Tips For Guitarist

There are 10(9) useful tips for guitarist over at the Premier Guitar site.Here are a few,but the 10th on the list...Throw away your tuner,i do not agree with,especially for gigging!The others are very useful though....
1. Maximize Tone and Clarity
Most of us love to have enough gain in our tone to feel “safe,” but it is most likely more gain than we need. Try this: dial in the amount of gain that gets you into the zone, then back it off until it gets uncomfortable to play. At that point add just enough to make it tolerable. Your tone will have more clarity and definition and you will project your sound

2. Sharpen Your Pick
When you wear down a pick or have jagged edges on it from too many pick scrapes, drag the pick across the carpet and you will literally melt the pick smooth. Of course, this only works with plastic picks and is best on industrial carpet, but it’s amazingly effective. Because of the way it melts, it’s like buffing the pick out and making it ultra smooth. Use it on both sides of the pick for a super sharp shredder attack!

3. Keep It Simple
Try unplugging all your pedals and go straight from your guitar to the amp. You may rediscover what it is about that direct relationship you came to love in the first place.....more at


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