Saturday, December 27, 2008

Choosing The Right Single Coil Pick-Up

Seasons Greetings To All...
This is a link to a cool site.The site has sound clips of some single coil pick ups being used in different positions.The pick ups are per se based around a "vintage" sounding set.They are Lindy Fralin,Fender and Jason Lollar.So it is a good gauge for deciding upon what you might want to replace those stock pick ups with!The same guitarand amp, is used in all the sound bytes,and the clips range from Hendrix to Robbin Ford.I was surprised at the "plastic" tone of the Fenders,and the thinness of the Jason me,the Lindy Fralins won my ears...hands down!The others were either plastic or synthetic sounding or thin sounding.It's your preference though...right :-) !And every set of ears is different :-).
The site...hear clips of these various pickups on a level playing field, and this might help you make a more informed decision.This page is all about giving you the opportunity to hear various pickups recorded in a controlled environment. Since every guitar is different, a set of pickups can sound different in one guitar than they do in another, so we had the idea that if we recorded a bunch of pickups in the same guitar, using the same amp, same settings, same player, this would provide a level playing field, where the differences you hear in the sound clips would be the differences in the pickups themselves.
...You want to brighten up a dark guitar? Then you don't want output, because output adds midrange. You want lower output, not higher output.
...Want to warm up a guitar that is already too bright? Then output is what you want.
So here's the link...
And the Fralin pickup page with single coils...


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