Sunday, August 10, 2008

Isaac Hayes Passes At Age 65

Memphis..Just got the word that Isaac Hayes has passed.He was found in his home on the floor of a bedroom unresponsive,he was 65.The most recent time i saw him was on a late night show,with his large band/horns.They performed what else but,Shaft.He was directing the band,and the arrangement was great.I have always enjoyed and played in horn bands.And of course the reason for my first wah-wah purchase was to learn and play the song Shaft!Isaac won an Oscar in 1972 with that theme song for the movie Shaft.Yea,when i think of Isaac Hayes,i think of the song..."shut your mouth"...Shaft,along with the wah-wah.!And he was the voice of the chef on the show South Park.He will be missed by many,i am sure.May peace be with him....
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additional press releases... ...this is a great link to more great links of Isaac Hayes..he was on a recent "roll"!


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