Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chord Progressions Derived From Harmonized Scale

If you are reading this post...great,but,please read my earlier post on the Major scale harmonized,which is below.This post will be showing some chord progressions taken from chords in the harmonized Major scale,no big deal!It really just sounds complicated!If you get a grasp on the Major scale,then,harmonizing it,or,for each note of the Major scale(do-re-me),turning the note into a chord,you got it down!One of the more basic chord progressions is the I-IV-V,or the 1-4-5.Using the key of C and the C Major scale notes...C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C,we can see that a I-IV-V,in the key of C are the notes C-F-and G.And...knowing the chord of each note in the C Major scale,we will know the chords will be C Major-F Major and G Major.Now,if we played a I-VI-IV-V or 1-6-4-5 chord progression,the chords would be C Major,A minor,F Major and G Major.If you look at the earlier post,you will see that the 6 note harmonized is a minor chord.Now,lets say we have a II-V-I chord progression,the changes would be D minor-G Major and C Major.So if you look at the Major scale,then harmonize it and then think up a chord progression,you will know what chord type to play!Last example,lets say the progression is IV-V-VII-I,the chords would be F Major-G Major-B diminished and C Major....patience and don't beat yourself up either :-).


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