Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bar Chords...The Minor

...An earlier post,The Almighty Bar Chord,below,was the first of post to talk about the bar chords,so you may want to read that first before studying this post on the minor bar chord.

Hope you have been working on the F/4th string root Major bar chord.This post will be talking about the F/4th string root minor bar chord.I would like to mention that the major bar chord actually has the E Major open string shape within the chord,and the minor bar chord has the open string E minor shape within it. Once you learn the shape and can play the chord,you can move the shape/chord up and down the fretboard,you can not do this with open chords,it will not work.Again,when learning to play the Major and minor shapes,try forming the bar with the first finger,then form the rest of the chord.For the minor shape,the finger on the 4th string will be your 3rd finger and you will bar with the first finger.Next we will talk about the full or 6th string root bar chord!But for now,work on the 4 note shape!
..............Only play the blue dotted notes

And after getting the 4th string root bar chord,start on playing the full 6th string root version...


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