Sunday, March 30, 2008

Slash in London to Promote New Gibson Signature Guitars

Slash is another one of my fav guitarist in the rock world,he plays a variety of styles.And,in a way,re-popularized the wah-wah pedal(for tone variations). He does the tone change with the wah in just the right spots.

Slash visits the Gibson Guitar Showroom in London to launch limited edition of signature Slash Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul Standard Guitars. Photo by The Press Association.
Velvet Revolver and former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash recently visited the Gibson Guitar Showroom in London to celebrate the launch of three limited edition Slash signature guitars - two from Gibson and one from Epiphone - that will be released worldwide on April 1, 2008. Gibson's Custom division has created the Slash Inspired By VOS (Vintage Old Stock) model, while Gibson USA will release a Slash Les Paul Standard and Epiphone a Slash Les Paul Standard Plus model. “I have always been a Les Paul player...
.....anyone read his book that is out?If so,feel free to leave a comment


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