Sunday, March 23, 2008

MFA...Multiple Format's

I have recently been reading about this newer format called MFA,or Multiple Format Access.For musicians it allows their cd to not only contain their audio tracks,but in addition has video,ringtones,merchandise and tour dates...all on the same cd.I guess this has been out for a little while,i remember hearing about it,maybe a year ago.But,wow...ringtone purchases/merchandise purchases and tour all to be offered at a discount when compared to buying seperately!And also the time saved!

Article About MFA
... Fluid Media Networks and DiskFaktory Launch Multiple Format Access(TM)
Music Delivery Format...
Fluid Media Networks, producers of American Idol Underground (, has partnered with the leading music reproduction services provider DiskFaktory ( to create the "(MFA) Multiple Format Access, your music, your way(TM)," distribution format, which allows consumers who purchase a MFA CD to also receive digital (MP3, ringtone, video, etc.) access to the music -- all for one flat price.

...MFA - the true future of the physical CD, and it's only here at DiskFaktory. "Multiple Format Access" is DiskFaktory's exclusive CD platform that enables musicians to offer MP3s of their tracks, ringtones, videos, tour dates, merchandise and the physical disc ALL FOR ONE FLAT PRICE. Imagine every time one of your fans inserts your disc into a computer, that you will receive an instant message of what, when, and where they are listening to it. It's your private channel to your fan base. Listeners see your customizable interface and can access whatever you want them to see, hear, and most importantly - BUY! Change the interface as often as you like with new tour dates, new songs, and new merchandise.


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