Saturday, November 3, 2007

Don't Drop The Pick

When playing finger picking style,i pick with the pick and my other three fingers,M(iddle),R(ing) and P(inkie).This way you don't have to stop and drop or pick up the pick and you can also have the pick available for fills and runs.Another thing is to "tuck"the pick into the palm of your hand and to "pull"the string being played,or to like "pop"it.This is a twangy sound or country style.You can also combine the pick and your middle finger.holding the pick with I(ndex) and M(iddle)fingers,and do quick runs,alternating between your pick and your middle finger and evenR(ing) finger(s).This is a really cool sound,funky and twangy! Remember to start off at a slow tempo then steadily increase.This is a really cool sound so i highly recommend all guitarist getting this technique down.
And don't forget you can apply this to regular finger style playing and arpeggios.
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