Saturday, October 27, 2007

Delay Effect

Delay can be tricky with just a pedal.This is because,in order for the delay to sound right it needs to be set to the tempo of the song.A pedal has limited settings to do this,although some multi effects pedals now have it where you can "tap"the delay time into it prior to playing the effect. This allows you to correctly set the delay time to the tempo of the song.It is nice to have a parameter adjustment,within the unit,that has a delay time adjustment and then be able to store that setting,for later recall.
For solos a"slap back"delay is a good general setting to use.Delay does not work well for rythem guitar though.For slower songs,a nice long delay sounds good on a solo.The biggest fault i see with players using delay is,not having the delay time in sync with the tempo!This is a no,no.
Something new and cool is a "loop"pedal,check one out.You play a phrase,it records it,then just loops or repeats that phrase and you then play someting on top of the use to do this with an Echoplex,which was tape driven,not digital.


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