Saturday, November 10, 2007

Guitar Strings

Like picks,there are different type strings also. They make particular strings for electric and acoustic guitars.The string "sets"are of different "gauges".Normally the gauges are smaller or "thinner"for electric guitars than acoustics.And the materials used are usually different.And the materials used for both guitars can also change the 'tone"or sound of the guitar.For the electric guitar most use a "light"gauge string and for the acoustic guitar they choose a medium or heavier gauge set of strings.If you play electric and do a lot of "bends",you may prefer a lighter gauge.But if you play jazz and do not bend the notes a lot,you would use a heavier gauge string.The heavier the gauge,the more solid or rounded and clearer the notes or chords sound.A thinner string gauge has a thinner tone to them.The choice again is strictly a personal choice though!For electric guitars the string material is usually nickel,and on acoustic,it may be bronze or phospher.Again the choice is a personal one.


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