Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Amps...Like guitars,there are many,many amps to choose from.But,for me,i prefer a 'tube"amp.The tube amp is more "guitar friendly"than a "solid state" amp.The "combo"amp is the main choice,it is the power amp/pre-amp and speaker,all in one unit.And then again, some prefer a "rack"set-up.This is where you have a pre-amp,then a seperate power amp,which is then connected to a seperate speaker(s).This is my preferred set up,with two single twelve inch speakers.I can stack the 2 speakers or lay them side by side and even spread them out from one another.Again the choice is yours,depending upon your situation and style of music.With the combo set up,you can use a pedal effects board for effects,or individual effects pedals,and a rack set up you can use a rack mount effects unit with a MIDI pedal connected,for swithcing to different effects or patches.My preference for power tubes in an amp are EL 84's or EL 34's,they have a warmer,less edgy tone to them.So again the choice is yours!


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