Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why Buy A Vintage Guitar and Where

There is an informative article on why players spend money on vintage guitar purchases,it is over at ModernGuitars.
For me it is the vibe they have,along with the broken in feel and the tone or sound.Of course there is the bragging rights that some like also!But it is the vibe of the guitar,a uniqueness,a sound or character,the way it plays and sounds.And i gather,there are areas on the planet offering better prices than others.
"the fingerboard wood has something to do with the acoustic tone of a Gibson solidbody electric guitar"
"a ‘68 Les Paul Custom with its maple top acoustically sounds very different from a Goldtop from the same year; and (b) ‘50s Les Paul Customs with their mahogany body still have those tight treble harmonics"
"Like it has been here in the UK, the shop prices there consisted of the US price plus a substantial dealer’s margin. The situation changed for some reason and now, you can find a real bargain in Tokyo"
"buying guitars in Tokyo nowadays need not be an expensive affair"


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