Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crate V-Series Best Bang For Buck

I have been reading and looking at the Crate V Series guitar amps recently and have decided they are the best bang for the buck in amps.The 18 watt/1-12 model got great reviews and the prices are great too.It is a Class A amp with 2 EL 84 power tubes,my favorite.It is a single channel with Master volume and reverb,and ALL TUBE.The EL 84's have a warm sound,with a softer attack,than say a 6L6.If you are looking for an amp to play metal,this is probably not the amp for you!This is more your traditional sounding amp,ala,Clapton,AC/DC.And the clean is "chimey" highs.Um...i'm getting excited just hearing it in my head!But seriously,for what you get ,average street price,around $178.00 is an all tube amp with reverb and 18 watts of warmth.That folks is a great price!

More on new V-Series features!

* 18 watts RMS
* Class A, all tube circuitry
* 1 x 12" speaker
* Single Channel with Master Volume
* 2 x EL84 output tubes, cathode biased
* Spring reverb


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