Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Circle Of Fifths and Fourths...Sharps and Flats

This post will aid in the previous post.I talked about the Ionian mode or the Major scale.
Well the Circle of Fifths is used to tell you the sharp keys.if you move clockwise you will see the movement in 5ths,beginning on C.And if you move counter clockwise,beginning with C,you will be moving in 4ths,or the flat keys.So when playing the pattern of the Major scale in whole and half steps,after C,move to the first sharp key(clockwise,starting on C) or the key of G Major.G Major has one sharp,F#.The next key,or the 5th of G is D.It has 2 sharps,etc.Now if you start on C and go counter clockwise,and move in 4ths,you will have F as the first key,it has one flat,B flat,etc.It is basics that you know about this Circle of fifths and fourths.So,do your wood shedding and get it learned!Scales and the Circle of 5ths
Taking a scale through the circle of 5ths is an essential form of practice for aspiring lead guitarists. Here’s how to do it:
1. Begin by playing any of the scales or modes in this guide in the key of C. Play it ascending and descending in position.
2. Switch to the key of of G and play through the scale or mode ascending and descending.
3. Repeat step 2 in each key of the circle of 5ths, from D to A to E, and so on.,then the flats or 4ths.
Also...Chord Progressions and the Circle of 5ths....
You can use the circle of 5ths to create chord progressions. However, in general terms, no more than three or four chords on the circle are used in any particular key. For example, starting with C and picking a chord from either side (F from the left and G from the right), you have the chords that make up the I–IV–V progression, the most popular progression in rock, blues, and folk.


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